As our company changes and grows, our culture is our constant.

It’s what guides us as we add new companies, explore new technologies and respond to shifts in the energy sector. It’s what empowers us to serve our customers to the best of our ability. And it’s expressed in our values:

Connect to people: Use our knowledge of and interest in people to create a personal connection at every moment.

Get the job done: Find purpose in everything we do, and show people that we’ll never quit until we deliver on our promise.

Leave a memory: Leave people with a sense of comfort and confidence, knowing they’ll always receive the best from a company that cares.

Because when we come together as one, there’s nothing that we can’t achieve.

Diversity and Inclusion

What makes you different, makes us better. Our company thrives on a diversity of perspectives, talents and experience. It’s how we bring our best to each other, our customers and our communities. Because it’s the strength of our collective energy that moves all of us forward.