How will electronic delivery work?

By consenting to electronic delivery, you agree to receive your annual shareholder materials online (e.g., annual report, notice of annual meeting and proxy statement, and proxy card or voting instructions form). Approximately four weeks prior to the annual shareholder meeting, you will receive an e-mail notice that will provide links to these materials.

Can I vote my shares online?

You may vote your shares online whether or not you consent to receive your shareholder materials electronically. If you choose electronic delivery, there will be online proxy voting instructions in the e-mail notice you receive once the annual shareholder materials are available online. If you don’t register for electronic delivery, you may still vote your shares online by following the instructions on your proxy card.

How do I change or revoke my consent to electronic delivery?

You can change or revoke your consent to electronic delivery of Spire annual shareholder materials online at any time by visiting the same site in which you enrolled for electronic delivery.

What technology do I need to access the annual shareholder materials online? Is there any minimum configuration suggested?

You will need access to the Internet and a web browser that supports secure connections.

Can I print or download a copy of the annual shareholder materials?

Yes, you will be able to download and read the annual shareholder materials online and print a copy of the documents.

How do I request paper copies of the annual shareholder materials?

You may request paper copies of the annual shareholder materials by contacting Spire Investor Relations at 314-342-0878.