Spire Natural Gas Fueling Solutions

We know fleets. We know business. And we know the impact your fleet can have on your business – especially your bottom line.

We can help you with both by creating customized solutions that transition your fleet from petroleum to cleaner, domestic and abundant compressed natural gas.

Our solutions

  • Return-to-Base – Your station at your location, designed and managed your way.
  • Anchor Tenant – Your terms at our location with public access to share the benefit.
  • Flexible Performance Contracting – Fuel savings – guaranteed

Our Services

We’ll partner with you to strategically plan and construct the stations you need to fuel your fleet.

We’ll manage the money so that you can focus on your fleet.

When you’re working with a team of experts, modifying your parking and maintenance facilities to CNG-ready status isn’t complicated.

From fueling to maintenance, we’ll connect you with the resources to ensure everyone is trained to meet safety and compliance measures

We’re known for our reliability and safety. We’ll own and operate the fueling station to ensure it meets our standards, and we’ll respond around the clock to maintenance needs.

Our experience with regulations and permitting guarantees that all requirements will be met.

With 150 years of natural gas experience, our safety expertise is unmatched.

We’ll connect you with key stakeholders throughout your community.

Our story

We’re proud to be backed by Spire Inc., a company that has served our community with a track record of safety and financial stability for 150 years. Here’s a brief look at what that means for you.

  • We can take on capital investment and minimize your risk.
  • Our financial stability can assure you that we’re here to stay.
  • We currently own and operate a total of 15 public and private access CNG stations – and more than 325 dedicated CNG vehicles.
  • Our passion for natural gas runs deep and translates to everything we do.

Our Team

We don’t just get the job done, we get it done right for you. Here’s a closer look at what our team brings to the table. With more than 16 years of leadership in the natural gas industry and more than 35 years of business development experience, we offer boots-on-the-ground knowledge of what it takes to successfully transition a fleet to CNG.

Our contact information

Let’s talk about your fueling needs.

E-mail: SpireFuelingSolutions@SpireEnergy.com
Phone: 314-202-1241
Address: 800 Market St.
St. Louis, MO 63101