Moving communities forward through supplier diversity

At Spire, we embrace diversity—not just because it’s good business—but because it’s what’s right. We live and work in the bright, vibrant and diverse communities we serve. And our goal is to strengthen and broaden Spire’s supplier and vendor base to reflect our communities and
all that makes them unique. Because it’s diverse perspectives that move communities and businesses forward. It’s unique backgrounds that expand our horizons. And, it’s a variety of views that inspire innovation.

By partnering with minority- and women-owned businesses, we can better understand and meet the needs of each and every person we serve, treating them as individuals and addressing their unique needs. Through these invaluable partnerships, we can also support our local economies, helping smaller businesses grow and thrive.

Because, in the end, that’s what we believe energy can do. It can help people. It can warm their homes, grow their businesses and advance their communities.

I look forward to seeing all the good we will do—together.

Ann-Marie P. Stanford
Director, Supply Chain Special Projects & Supplier Diversity