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Welcome to Spire

We are Spire. And we’re glad you’re here.

On June 22, 2023, your natural gas service will transition from the City of Oronogo to Spire. And that means you’ll continue to receive the reliable, safe energy your home or business needs.

Prior to the final service transition to Spire, you’ll receive more detailed information about your new account and what you can expect from us. We're excited to welcome you to Spire! 

We’d like to meet with you – either by phone or video call – to introduce you to your Spire customer success manager who will help get you off to a great start. You can use our online scheduling tool found here, to select a convenient time for you to meet with us. We’ll contact you on the day and time you choose, and; during the call, your success manager will:  

  • Provide a walk-through of My Account, Spire’s online customer portal  
  • Review what goes into your monthly bill  
  • Explain how natural gas usage is measured  
  • Provide tips for saving energy 
  • Share important natural gas safety information 
  • Customize your communication preferences  
  • Help you sign up for free Spire services  

In the meantime, explore our frequently asked questions below. 

Explore frequently asked questions
Who is Spire? 

Spire is among the largest publicly traded natural gas companies in the United States, serving more than 1.7 million customers in Missouri, Alabama and Mississippi.  We’re committed to using our energy to advance communities and enrich the lives of our customers.  

Read more about our mission>> 

Learn more about how we’re engaged in our communities>> 

We’ve been part of the Southwest Missouri community for many years, providing natural gas service to the Joplin, Webb City, Carl Junction and Carthage communities.  Our regional office is located in Joplin, approximately 15 minutes from Oronogo.   

We provide energy to small and large, residential and commercial, industrial and agricultural customers throughout the region, and we’re committed to delivering affordable, reliable and clean energy to the communities we serve.    

What services does Spire offer customers?  
  • Customer service: Spire’s customer service representatives are here to answer questions, schedule service, take payments and help with assistance resources.   
  • Assistance options:  Spire’s dedicated team of community support specialists are available to connect customers with assistance options and programs that fit their needs. Budget billing, payment arrangements and assistance programs are available for qualified customers who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, have a medical condition, are on a limited income or have other needs.       
  • Budget billing: Utility bills tend to fluctuate depending on the season and outside temperatures. That's why it's always nice to know what to expect when you see your monthly statement.  We offer Budget Billing so you won't be surprised by your bill from month to month. 
  • Energy-efficiency rebates – ways to save energy and money:   Spire offers rebates for residential and commercial customers on select energy-efficient appliances.         
  • Financing programs:  Spire offers residential and commercial customers special financing options when it’s time to upgrade or select new appliances.    
  • Weatherization: In addition to rebates and financing options for energy-efficient appliances, Spire offers programs for free weatherization services for customers who qualify based on income.   
  • Free energy assessment tool:  Spire offers a free online energy assessment tool for Missouri residential customers that provides recommendations to save energy and money.   
  • Spire’s natural gas contractors network: Spire can help customers find a contractor from the company’s network of  natural gas contractors who offer HVAC, plumbing and other related services.  
  • Payment options: Spire offers customers several payment options so you can choose what’s most convenient.  Customers may pay by phone, online using our customer portal My Account, pay-by-text, in-person at select locations or mail.  
How will my natural gas bills with Spire compare to my current natural gas bill?  

The City of Oronogo currently owns, operates and sets rates for customers. In comparison, Spire’s rates and programs are reviewed and approved by our state regulators, the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC).  

That means we can only change or adjust the amount charged for the cost of natural gas with approval from the MPSC. This adjustment – known as a Purchased Gas Adjustment or PGA – happens at least one time a year. There’s no mark up on this charge – what we pay for natural gas is what you pay.  

You can learn more about what goes into your natural gas bill at Spire here.

Spire offers budget billing so you’ll know exactly what to expect each month and can stay on track with your budget. Budget billing helps you avoid fluctuations in your bill as your energy usage increases during the colder winter months.  

Will I still be able to pay my natural gas bill at the City of Oronogo offices? 

You will no longer be able to pay your natural gas bill at the City offices, but Spire offers several ways to pay so you could choose an option that works best.  Spire customers can pay by phone, online, pay-by-text, or in-person at select locations or mail.

Learn more about ways to pay a Spire bill.    

Will my natural gas service be interrupted during the transition to Spire?  

The transition of natural gas service from the City of Oronogo to Spire will be seamless for existing customers.  That means there will be no interruption to your natural gas service, and you can continue to use your natural gas appliances and equipment without disruption.  

Will I have to pay any fees to become a natural gas customer with Spire?  

If you are currently an active natural gas customer with the City of Oronogo, there will be no activation charge for becoming a Spire customer.  

If you are not a current customer and are interested in adding service with Spire in the future, you’ll be assessed a $25 service initiation fee plus deposit.  

What do I have to do to have my natural gas service moved to Spire?  

If you’re an active natural gas customer with the City of Oronogo, you don’t need to take any actions to have your natural gas service transition to Spire later this summer. All active City of Oronogo natural gas service customers will automatically transition to Spire.

Once the date is set for the change, we’ll reach out to customers with more details and information about how to set up an online account, programs and more.  

What will my natural gas bill look like?  

You will be able to choose a convenient, paperless bill with online bill access 24/7 using Spire’s My Account customer portal. Or, you will be able to receive bills each month in the mail. 

Spire bills will include the following: 

  • information about your natural gas usage 
  • current charges 
  • payment due date 
  • contact information and  
  • helpful information and messages.   

Learn more about Spire bills 

What would happen if I couldn’t pay my bill or I missed a payment?   

Spire’s dedicated team of community support specialists will be available to connect you with assistance programs that fit your individual needs.  Programs are available for qualified customers who have a medical condition, are on limited incomes or have other needs.  Learn more about assistance programs 

How will I be able to access my Spire account information? 

Once your account has been established and you’re an active Spire customer, you’ll be able to access your Spire account 24/7 through online self-service tools.  Spire’s customer portal lets customers view and manage their account anytime, anywhere. Or, customers can call Spire’s customer service team at 800-582-1234 for assistance.   
Learn more about My Account 

I don’t have natural gas now, how will I add service in the future?  

Once Spire is providing natural gas service in your area, if you’d like to add natural gas service to your home or business, you can contact our customer service team at 800-582-1234 to learn more and get started. Or you can learn more and start the process online.   

Prior to the transition of your service to Spire, you can contact the City of Oronogo.

Will Spire be making improvements or changes to the Oronogo natural gas system?  

There are no current plans to make changes to the existing system other than adding natural gas service to new residential developments and existing homes that want to convert to natural gas.  In the future, Spire anticipates updating existing meters with the company’s automated meter reading system.  Spire will assess additional improvements.  


Who do I call if I smell gas? 

If you, as a Spire customer, ever smell natural gas – a rotten egg smell – here’s what you should do:   

  • Immediately leave the building and head to a location where no smell of gas can be detected. Until you've reached a safe distance, avoid smoking and using electronics like garage door openers or alarm systems, and don't turn on or off any lights. Most importantly, stay away from the area of the smell and keep others away as well. 
  • Once you're at a safe location, customers should call Spire's 24/7 emergency line right away at 800-582-1234 or call 911.  
  • If you don't own the office or residence, it's a good idea to notify the property owner or manager in case repairs need to be made inside.
  • Steer clear of the area until you’re told it’s safe by a gas safety professional (Spire employee, police, fireman or other first responder on scene). 
Who will I call if my natural gas goes out?  

Spire is available to help customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if gas goes out or there’s an emergent issue with their natural gas service.  You’ll call Spire’s customer service representatives at 800-582-1234.  In an emergency, you should call 911. 

Does Spire service appliances?  

Through Spire’s network of natural gas contractors, customers can search online for contractors who fit customer needs based on where you live, services needed and other factors.  Learn more