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Whether we’re replacing a pipe, installing a meter or helping a customer grow their business, we bring warmth and confidence to all we do.

When you step into the shower, the water is hot. When you fire up the grill in your restaurant, you cook the perfect meal every time.

We rely on natural gas to live our lives to the fullest and run our businesses efficiently. At Spire, we pride ourselves on always being there for you, so you can focus on what matters most.

That’s true whether you are in Missouri, Mississippi or Alabama, in your home or at work, and now, even in your natural gas-powered vehicle. And no matter where you are, you can count on the same high level of service and responsiveness to your every need. Our dedication to safety and service are at the core of every Spire business.

1.7MCustomers across Missouri and Alabama

5thLargest publicly trading gas utility

58,500Miles of natural gas pipeline


With more than 160 years of history, Alagasco is the largest natural gas utility in Alabama. Today, more than 900 of our employees serve more than 420,000 customers in Birmingham, Montgomery, and more than 170 towns and communities across the state.

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Laclede Gas

With nearly 160 years of history, Laclede Gas is Missouri’s largest natural gas distributor. Today, our 1,500 employees serve more than 600,000 customers in St. Louis and eastern Missouri communities.

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Missouri Gas Energy

With 150 years of history and more than 500 employees, Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) serves more than 500,000 customers on the western side of Missouri, including Kansas City and Joplin.

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Mobile Gas Company

With 180 years of history, Mobile Gas serves more than 89,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in southwest Alabama, and operates more than 2,250 miles of pipeline.

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Willmut Gas Company

Willmut Gas Company serves nearly 19,000 natural gas customers from Hattiesburg to Pearl, Mississippi, and operates 1,200 miles of pipeline.

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Spire Marketing

Spire Marketing manages transportation and storage assets to help industrial businesses, other utilities, power generators and wholesale customers manage their volumes and hedge their risks.

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Spire Natural Gas Fueling Solutions

Spire Natural Gas Fueling Solutions provides a complete solution for heavy-duty trucking fleets that want to convert to compressed natural gas. We work closely with fleet owners every step of the way, from consultation and test-drive stages to station design and construction.

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