We're bringing a new energy source to St. Louis

The Spire STL Pipeline will interconnect with the existing Rockies Express Pipeline in Scott County, Illinois. The planned route includes 65 miles of steel underground pipeline running through Scott, Greene and Jersey counties in Illinois and St. Charles and St. Louis counties in Missouri.

If approved we will construct 59 miles of new build underground pipeline in Illinois and build six miles of underground pipeline in Missouri, referred to as the North County Extension. Spire STL Pipeline will further improve reliability and better serve customers and communities across Illinois and Missouri.

As an interstate project, the Spire STL Pipeline will be reviewed for siting and permitting by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The FERC will be the lead agency for other federal and state, and local permitting authorities. The pipeline will be wholly owned and operated by Spire STL Pipeline LLC.

Everyone benefits from energy infrastructure

We rely on natural gas to live our lives to the fullest and run our businesses efficiently. We count on it to keep us warm when the nights turn cold. For cooking and cleaning, making and manufacturing, pipelines fuel our homes and our businesses, empowering our communities and the economy.

The new Spire STL Pipeline, if approved and constructed, will provide significant benefits to more than 647,000 homes and businesses in the entire St. Louis region. We’ll create more diversity in our energy supply providing even more competitive pricing for natural gas customers in the region. The pipeline will also enhance reliability and earthquake resiliency and create new commercial and industrial growth opportunities in the region and along the proposed route.

Creating economic opportunities

With the Spire STL Pipeline, we'll provide customers in the St. Louis region with the natural gas they need to run their homes and operate their businesses.

As an open-access interstate natural gas pipeline, it will provide the area’s gas and electric utilities, municipalities, independent power generators and large commercial and industrial customers with a new and abundant source of natural gas to serve their future demand needs.

During construction, towns and cities along the proposed path will benefit from increased economic activity. From hotels and restaurants to gas stations and retail stores, it’s a plan that supports local businesses along the way.

Once construction is complete, customers will benefit from lower-cost gas for years to come. According to the American Natural Gas Alliance and IHS Global, the average American household saved an estimated $926 each year between 2012 and 2015 thanks to the affordable abundance of natural gas. These savings are estimated to increase to more than $2,000 per household in 2035.

Growing communities

Knowing and understanding communities is at the heart of the work we do. When we know what they need, we can better serve them in the future.

The Spire STL Pipeline allows us to better serve communities within the St. Louis region and beyond. An expanded natural gas system allows communities to thrive.

And by providing homes and businesses with improved access to clean burning natural gas, we contribute to better air quality and reduced emissions.

What’s better for the environment is also good for local businesses. By investing in new infrastructure in southwest Illinois, we’ll create long-term opportunity for commercial and industrial growth. Opportunities that didn’t exist before and won’t exist without it. Commerce and industry look first for energy to fuel the businesses that will need local employees to help them grow.

5Counties in Illinois and Missouri

65Miles proposed underground pipeline

400,000 DekathermsDaily capacity of the pipeline