IMPORTANT UPDATE for those impacted by flash flooding in the St. Louis region. If you’ve experienced property damage due to recent flash flooding in the St. Louis region, you’re encouraged to complete an intake form with United Way or call them at 2-1-1.
If you have questions about your recent bill, call Spire customer service at 800-582-1234.


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Couple reviewing rebates
Couple reviewing rebates
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You can save hundreds of dollars a year in operating costs when you upgrade to a new energy-efficient natural gas furnace, compared to both older models and other energy sources. And you can save even more with rebates from Spire.

Cat snuggled on couch
Cat snuggled on couch
Comfort from every vent

The heat from a gas furnace is 25 degrees warmer than heat from other fuel sources when coming out of the vent. (Source: American Gas Association)

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