If you have questions about your recent bill, call Spire customer service at 800-887-4173.
If you have questions about your recent bill, call Spire customer service at 800-582-1234.

Understanding your natural gas bill

At Spire, we promise to be transparent about rates and charges, because you deserve to understand what goes into your monthly natural gas bill. Let’s take a closer look at how your bill is calculated.

  • Delivery: About 51 percent of your bill covers the delivery and service costs to operate, maintain and upgrade natural gas pipelines across our service area.
  • Usage: Roughly 41 percent is your actual gas usage. The cost of natural gas is passed on to you with no mark up.
  • Taxes: The remaining 8 percent of your bill is the amount of municipal tax or gross receipts tax assessed by the municipality in which you receive service. This amount is collected and paid directly to the municipality.
    Source: American Gas Association

And, we have your rates available all the time on our rates and tariffs page. 

What else affects your gas usage?
Home size

The larger the home, the more energy it takes to maintain a cozy temperature

Weather conditions

When it’s cold outside, homes with natural gas furnaces and water heaters use more energy than during warmer months

Energy-efficient appliances

The age and efficiency of your home’s natural gas appliances impacts how much energy you use, too

Home insulation

Insulation blocks chilly, drafty air from your home - so you don’t have to crank up the furnace just to stay comfortable.

How to take control of your winter bills
Household tips

Follow these simple tips to save energy and money in your home


View and apply for multiple energy assistance programs to help those having a hard time paying their bills

Budget billing

Spread your usage across 12 months for lower winter bills