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Storage Facility

Project updates

Combined Liquid Separation, Gas Processing Equipment and Controls 

  • Where:  Belle Butte Facility, Evanston, WY 
  • What:   New Liquid Separation, Gas Processing Equipment and Controls
  • Onsite: Contained in 6,300 sq. ft. expansion of the existing gas processing building
  • Go-Live: Spring 2021
  • Investment: $4.1M
  • Includes: 
    • Four new gas/liquid separation vessels
    • Joule/Thomson gas processing equipment
    • Automated control valve including state-of-the-art controls
Image of: Spire Storage Facility

Fuel your knowledge: The installation required 2.1 miles of new connected piping

How it helps us serve you: 

  • This new equipment will improve efficiency and throughput by allowing us to deliver customer gas to the pipeline while increasing our ability to recover valuable residual hydrocarbon liquids that are marketed to commercial sources for profit.

The details: 

  • Holloman Corporation (Houston, Texas) installed and commissioned the equipment. They were selected from among 10 competitive bidders for the Spire Storage project.  Spire Storage managed the construction and installation. The project was in late March 2021 and the “G0-Live” date is scheduled for April 2021.

Commercial opportunities 

Heard it through the pipeline - Spire Storage extends firm storage services negotiations 

With the recent polar vortex, the importance of gas storage was never more apparent.  That’s why we're extending negotiations through mid-April from one to multi-year contract terms for firm storage services that begin this spring. 

If you’d like to talk about terms or contract rates, please contact us. We’re happy to work with you to find the right plan to meet your needs. For more information, please contact your commercial representative at 

When you connect through Spire Storage, you’ll enjoy added flexibility and a partner that understands your needs. With facilities in Clear Creek and Belle Butte, including seven functional and six fully bi-directional interconnects, we’re well positioned for success. Spire Storage is interconnected with these pipelines: 
•    Kern River Pipeline
•    Northwest Pipeline
•    Overthrust Pipeline
•    Ruby Pipeline
•    Questar Pipeline 

*Spire Storage is a FERC-regulated facility approved to charge market-based rates.   

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