Spring is here — follow our checklist to keep your home in shape

Performing annual maintenance on your home in the spring is a great way to ensure everything is in good condition and to prevent potential issues. 

Before we share our spring home maintenance checklist, remember to call 8-1-1 before any project that requires digging. It’s free — and it’s the law. 

Here are some tasks to tackle this spring:

  • Perform a safety check-up:
    • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed
    • Check fire extinguishers and make sure they're accessible
    • Review and update your home emergency kit
  • Get your roof inspected: 
    • Check for any damaged or missing shingles
    • Look for signs of leaks or water damage
    • Clean out gutters and downspouts
  • Check out windows and doors:
    • Inspect for any gaps or cracks in the seals and caulk where appropriate
    • Ensure weather stripping is in good condition
    • Clean windows and screens
  • Analyze your HVAC:
  • Inspect your plumbing:
    • Check for leaks under sinks and around toilets
    • Test sump pump functionality
    • Flush water heaters to remove sediment
  • Examine your exterior: 
    • Power wash the exterior of your home
    • Inspect the siding for damage or mold
    • Check the foundation for cracks
  • Get your garden right: 
  • Inspect outdoor living equipment:
    • Check the condition of outdoor furniture
    • Test and clean the grill
    • Ensure outdoor lighting is functional
    • Test and clean outdoor faucets and check for leaks if you have an irrigation system
  • Clean and organize:
    • Declutter and organize closets, attics and basements
    • Deep clean carpets and rugs
  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected:

Remember, these are general guidelines, and specific maintenance tasks may vary depending on your home's age, location and specific features. Regular maintenance can help prevent bigger problems down the line and keep your home in good condition.