Spire provides $500,000 matching gift to support customers impacted by the coronavirus

To help ease some of the financial burden for customers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Spire is donating up to $500,000 in matching gifts for the DollarHelp program.

ST. LOUIS (April 16, 2020) - According to the U.S. Department of Labor, over a three-week period, approximately 16.8 million people filed unemployment claims due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

With so many struggling to make ends meet, Spire is partnering with United Way to help, committing to $500,000 in matching gifts through its DollarHelp program. 

The gift complements a more comprehensive approach aimed at providing relief for customers, which began with a suspension of late fees and disconnections into May as well as a temporary refining of programs designed to help customers with limited incomes.

"With these new challenges, come new opportunities - new opportunities to help and engage with our customers on an even deeper level," said Suzanne Sitherwood, Spire CEO. 

Spire created the DollarHelp program in 1982, as part of the company's commitment to providing resources for limited income customers in the communities it serves. Now managed through the United Way, DollarHelp allows Spire customers to donate $1, monthly, to help other customers in need of assistance with their natural gas bills. 

Beginning on April 16, Spire will match the expected first-year contributions of new and increased pledges, dollar for dollar, up to $500,000.

"We live and work in the communities we serve," said Christopher Gagliano, vice president of customer experience for Spire. "These are uncertain times for everyone, but when our communities are down, we lift each other up. That's what DollarHelp is all about." 

To sign up to give to DollarHelp, people can log into their Spire accounts online at MyAccount.SpireEnergy.com or call Spire's customer service team. Individuals can also make a one-time contribution without being a Spire customer. 

For those affected by the pandemic and in need of financial assistance to pay their natural gas bills, visit SpireEnergy.com/relief or call the customer service team. For more information on DollarHelp, visit SpireEnergy.com/DollarHelp