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We believe energy exists to help people. To warm their homes, fuel their businesses and move our communities forward.

Because this belief is at the heart of what we do, we created the DollarHelp program—a program that helps thousands of families every year. In 2007, we formed a relationship with United Way to manage the program so that funds go directly to social service agencies. 

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How to get DollarHelp for your Spire bill

If you qualify for DollarHelp, simply call 2-1-1. From there, you'll be guided to a local community action agency for additional help.


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How to donate to DollarHelp

  • Enroll online at Select "DollarHelp" from the "Options" menu. 
  • Submit a one-time donation here >
  • In Missouri, you can check the red box on your gas bill
About your DollarHelp donation

Once you enroll, Spire will match donations up to $150,000 per year. Then, our partner, United Way, distributes those funds to social service agencies. So, when a family requests help, we all share the warmth.

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