To help our communities during this time, we've suspended disconnections until at least 5/1.


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Every dollar helps

We believe energy exists to help people. To warm their homes, fuel their businesses and move our communities forward. 

And, because this belief is at the heart of what we do, in 1982 we partnered with United Way to create the DollarHelp program - a program that helps thousands of families every year.

Answering every challenge - including the coronavirus

With thousands affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the communities where we live and work, many people are newly unemployed or have had their incomes interrupted. 

Today, DollarHelp is more important than ever. As people find themselves newly employed or with interrupted incomes because of the coronavirus pandemic, it's time to come together, as a community, to help those who need it most. 

And because we're in this together, we're taking action by working closely with the public service commissions and creating a comprehensive program to help those facing difficult circumstances in the communities we serve. That's why we've:

  • Suspended late fees and disconnections for homes and businesses
  • Partnered with United Way to create a centralized initiatives so dollars go to directly to homes and small businesses struggling to pay their natural gas bills
  • Expanded the DollarHelp program by encouraging new customers to support those in need and current customers to provide additional support
  • Deployed additional resources to promote awareness and process of federal and state low-income energy assistance dollars
Here's how you can help
Join DollarHelp for the first time

When you sign up for DollarHelp, we'll match your gift dollar for dollar up to $150,000, to help homes and small businesses.

Receive matching funds

For those who already support DollarHelp, thank you for your commitment, generosity and support. You can help, too, by increasing your monthly pledge. And to honor your gift, we'll match the first $12 of your new annual donation, dollar for dollar. 

Support DollarHelp-even if you're not a customer

You can make a one-time donation to DollarHelp to assist those impacted by the coronavirus using this form, even if you're not a Spire customer.

How to enroll
In Alabama
  • Check the red box in your online account
  • Submit a one-time donation here
In Missouri
  • Check the orange box in your online account, or
  • Check the red box on your Spire bill, or
  • Submit a one-time donation here


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About your donation

Once you check the red box, Spire will match donations up to $150,000 per year. Then, our partner, United Way, distributes 100 percent of those funds to social service agencies in your community. So when a family requests help, we'll share the warmth. 

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