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Spire Serves
Giving back to the communities we serve

We believe in a world where energy exists to help people.

And that belief is reflected in our mission statement to answer every challenge, advance every community and enrich every life through the strength of our energy. Spire Serves, one part of our greater Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform, delivers on that promise by working directly with the organizations that serve our communities.

Our focus

Our goal is to use our energy in ways that reflect who we are as a company. So we focus on nonprofit organizations that serve the communities where our customers and employees live and work from Alabama to Missouri, to Mississippi and beyond.

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Our impact

Spire Serves takes a thoughtful approach to giving back, using our resources where we know we can have the greatest impact. Thats why were dedicated to supporting health and human services, civic and community development, as well as education and the environment.

Our application process

We invite you to apply for grants, major gifts and sponsorships through our online donation application. Here, you can also view more information about our eligibility requirements. And, no matter our decision, we appreciate all you do in our communities. Because its the strength of our collective energy that moves us all forward.

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