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Hero - Serving our communities
Serving our communities

Putting energy behind communities

At Spire, we invest our time and resources in the organizations and initiatives that make life better for everyone. In 2019, we invested nearly $5 million to advance the communities we serve--in Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and Wyoming.

Through generous employee gifts matched by Spire, we came together to give nearly $1.3 million to United Way in support of programs and services in our hometowns. This commitment to giving back and caring for the world around us landed us on Newsweek Magazine's 2020 "The Good List". 

Over 10,000 hours volunteered

With a passion for serving others ingrained in who we are, the companywide initiative we call "Day for Good" continues to grow, with 2,000 employees volunteering at organizations they're passionate about in FY19, a 25 percent increase from the previous year.

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$1.2 million raised

We once again rallied to enrich lives throughout our communities, surpassing our annual United Way campaign fundraising goal. 

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4,000+ families assisted

When customers added $1 to their monthly bill, we matched a percentage of those dollars, raising $1.5 million last year to help thousands of low-income families stay warm through our DollarHelp program.

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$120,000 matched

We live and work in the communities we serve, so through our matching gifts program, we matched the time and dollars employees gave to the organizations they care about most.

$4.7 million donated

In the third year of our formalized Corporate Social Responsibility program, we helped advance health and human services, civic and community development, education, environmental sustainability and disaster reliefour five key focus areas.

Volunteering at Forest Park Forever
Service in action
Forest Park Forever
Forest Park Forever
Forest Park Forever

See how we partnered with Forest Park Forever to reduce water waste and save money. 

Cahaba River Cleanup
Cahaba River Cleanup
Cahaba River Society

We're proud to support the Cabaha River Society in protecting this precious water source for the Birmingham area. 

Spire employee serving the community
Spire employee serving the community
Lift For Life Gym

With more than 85 percent of St. Louis city youth living in high-to-severe concentrations of poverty, Lift for Life Gym provides positive alternatives for children who need it.

Spire volunteers at humane society
Spire volunteers at humane society
Birmingham Humane Society

These Spire employees spent their eight hours of volunteer time helping animals at Birmingham Humane Society. 

Spire Serves

At Spire, we believe in a world where energy champions people, enriching their lives and advancing their communities. Spire Serves, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, makes that idea a reality by supporting organizations that fuel stronger, more vibrant communities for our businesses, families, partners and neighbors.

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DollarHelp is our way of bringing together the generosity of our community to keep our communities warm during the winter. By checking the red box on your gas bill, you help neighbors stay warm by funding heating grants across your communities.

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