Hero - Serving our communities
Serving our communities

When we put our energy behind our communities, we all thrive.

That’s why we invest our time and resources in the organizations and initiatives that make life better for everyone. In 2019, we invested nearly $5 million to advance the communities we serve. Through generous employee gifts augmented by Spire, we came together to give nearly $1.3 million to United Way in support of programs and services in our hometowns.


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Fuel for Good
Serving others never takes a day off

When we put our energy behind our communities, we all thrive. We're excited to announce Fuel for Good, a collection of stories about people doing amazing things across our service territory. Read all about them. 

Spire Serves

At Spire, we believe in a world where energy champions people, enriching their lives and advancing their communities. Spire Serves, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, makes that idea a reality by supporting organizations that fuel stronger, more vibrant communities for our businesses, families, partners and neighbors.

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DollarHelp is our way of bringing together the generosity of our community to keep our communities warm during the winter. By checking the red box on your gas bill, you help neighbors stay warm by funding heating grants across your communities.

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How can we serve you?

Have questions about how we’re serving our communities? We’re here to help.