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Environmental impact

We’re committed to a sustainable energy future and a diverse energy landscape.

Natural gas is key to our nation’s sustainable energy future. It’s an abundant energy source and it’s efficient. So efficient, that 92 percent of the energy that comes from the source ends up in your home. It’s also the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Compared to other fossil fuels, there are virtually no particulate emissions from natural gas combustion. As a result, increased use of natural gas will move our nation closer to achieving the reduced emissions targets that have been established in the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. With the Spire STL Pipeline project we brought additional needed clean-burning natural gas to the St. Louis region.

Our commitment starts before we break ground and continues after the landscape is restored.

At Spire, we’ve been working with natural gas for more than 150 years. We maintain more than 53,000 miles of pipeline every day and we are setting pace for our energy future. Now that construction is complete, restoration measures are monitored and maintained until the area is similar in nature to its original condition. Returning top soil, reseeding native grasses and plant life, and restoring wildlife habitats and re-establishing drainage patterns is part of our commitment.

Now that construction is complete, we will maintain the right-of-way by keeping it free of buildings, trees, and other vegetation or structures that can inhibit the integrity of the pipeline.