As an interstate pipeline, Spire STL Pipeline followed a thorough and rigorous authorization process led by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)During the FERC authorization process, consistent with FERC precedent and policies, STL Pipeline fully demonstrated the project's need to improve reliability and infrastructure resiliency, including by delivering a diverse and affordable supply of natural gas for customers in the St. Louis region.

  • Following two years of thorough review, the FERC approved a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity in 2018, fully and definitively authorizing the construction and operation of the STL Pipeline. We remain confident that the FERC followed its regulatory process and precedents in approving this pipeline.
  • STL Pipeline relied on long-standing precedent inherent in the FERC review and approval process to execute this project. Failure to uphold this certificate will result in regulatory uncertainty that will have wide ranging impacts for pipeline operators, the natural gas industry and end-users.

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On August 3, 2018, FERC approved a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Spire STL Pipeline. View the order >

View STL Pipeline's certificate application >