Spire shares energy saving tips ahead of prolonged colder weather

With lasting colder weather on the way, Spire is providing tips to help families stay warm while managing their energy use and impact to their bills.

By making some minor adjustments to a home or business, customers can save money and improve energy efficiency.
“As temperatures outside continue to drop and the cold weather settles in, your home requires more energy to keep it warm,” said Joe Hampton, Spire Alabama president. “By making a few adjustments, customers can lower their energy consumption – and help lessen the impact on their bills.”

Spire recommends these tips so customers can keep their homes comfortable, manage their energy usage, and ultimately save money:

  • During the day, open curtains on south-facing windows to let sunlight heat the home. Close them at night to reduce potential incoming cold from any drafty windows
  • If windows feel drafty, install insulating drapes, shades or weather sealing tape to prevent cold air from seeping in
  • Seal areas around the home where air could come in. These leaky areas often can be found around pipes that connect to the outside, chimneys, unfinished spaces behind cupboards, recessed lights in insulated ceilings, and closets.
  • Replace furnace filters once a month or as needed. Also, have a furnace serviced annually to help keep systems operating efficiently
  • By installing a programmable thermostat, energy use can be adjusted while asleep or away from the home.

For more energy saving advice, visit spireenergy.com/tips.