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Weatherization assistance programs

No-cost support is available to help customers on a fixed or limited income weatherize their homes

A home that has been weatherized can reduce energy bills right away, saving annually on fuel usage by an average of 35 percent.

Weatherization ​provides energy-efficient improvements to the homes of qualifying owners and renters. Not only does weatherizing a home make it more energy-efficient and affordable, but it also addresses key health and safety issues within a home. That's why Spire is proud to help fund programs  like this that make life better and more affordable for everyone. To get started, contact your local community action agency.

Weatherization services include:
  • A professional energy audit 
  • Free home upgrades
  • Free customer education on maintaining home safety and efficiency
  • Lowering energy use
  • An even safer, more comfortable home
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How the program works
  1. Start by calling the United Way at 211 or contact your local community action agency to see if you qualify
  2. A crew will visit your home and evaluate the weatherization needs
  3. The agency will review the recommendations from the crew and hire contractors for weatherization services
  4. Weatherization work will begin on your home 
  5. The agency will inspect the completed work 
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See if you qualify
2022 federal annual income guidelines

Weatherization assistance is awarded based on the following maximum household income level guidelines:

For households with more than four people, add $9,944 for each additional person. 

Household size Max. income
1-person household $27,180
2-person household $36,620
3-person household $46,060
4-person household $55,500





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