Honoring a journey inspired by children

Celebrating Children’s of Alabama with an inaugural InSpire Award

Image of Spire employees and Children's of Alabama patients

Spire employees, including Spire Alabama President Joe Hampton, alongside patients and staff of Children's of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama serves as a beacon of hope for families with ill and injured children. 

And since 2017, Spire has had a special relationship with Children's of Alabama and the patients they serve.

From teddy bear clinics to Valentine's Day programs, Spire and Children's have collaborated year after year to create impactful and memorable experiences for the children being cared for at the hospital. This collaboration made Children's of Alabama a natural choice to be a recipient of one of Spire's four inaugural InSpire Awards

The awards were established to honor exceptional nonprofits that demonstrate vision, innovation and a commitment to providing important resources to those who need it. 

Image of Spire employee holding a teddy bear at Children's of Alabama

Joe Hampton, president of Spire Alabama, Mississippi and Gulf Coast, presented the award during an event on Thursday, Aug. 24, at the Russell Building in Birmingham.

“I’ve had the privilege of using my own Day for Good with Children’s of Alabama, —and every time, I’m humbled. The Child Life specialists, nurses, hospital staff, doctors—and everyone in between—is dedicated to making difficult circumstances more manageable for families and more enjoyable for children going through it,” said Joe. 

Image of Spire employees with Children's of Alabama Child Life Specialist

In addition to the award, the group also presented Children's with a grant to continue supporting the Child Life program at the hospital.  

After the presentation, a group of Spire employees assisted with a teddy bear clinic for some of the patients currently being cared for at the hospital.