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Recent rate changes for Spire Missouri customers

Two factors - changes in the cost of natural gas and a recent rate review with the Missouri Public Service Commission - mean changes to your bill

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Changes to my bill due to higher natural gas costs

You may have also noticed that the purchased gas adjustment (PGA), or Natural Gas Cost, line item on your bill changed on Nov. 30. PGA for customers in Spire’s eastern Missouri region changed from approximately $0.37 to $0.59 per Ccf, and the PGA for customers in Spire’s western Missouri region changed from approximately $0.40 to $0.79 per Ccf. 

What is a Purchased gas adjustment or PGA?  

A PGA, or purchased gas adjustment, is the actual cost for natural gas.  This cost, or PGA, is what Spire pays for natural gas – with no markup.  PGA is adjusted at least once every year, in November. 

Why has the PGA changed?

Changes in natural gas prices can mean a lower or higher PGA on your bill compared to your previous statement.  The PGA reflects the cost Spire pays to purchase natural gas, which is then passed along to you with no markup.    

This year, the price increases due to last February’s polar vortex, coupled with a natural gas market with higher than usual costs for the upcoming winter heating season, are leading to higher energy bills for customers across the Midwest, including Missouri.
We want to make every effort within our control to minimize any impact these costs have on our customers. To help lessen the impact, we filed for and received approval of a solution with the Missouri Public Service Commission that spreads out this impact over the course of three years. 

To learn more about what goes into your monthly natural gas bill, visit our "Understanding My Bill" page.

Rate review changes

What is a rate review?

On Dec. 11, 2020, we filed a rate review with the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC). This filing asked the PSC to allow us to recover dollars spent over the last three years, nearly $1 billion, on infrastructure and technology upgrades to better serve our customers.    

Rate review filings are a way for the PSC to review rates for customers and the value of services they receive from their utilities.  

How did the rate review impact my monthly Spire bill?

New PSC-approved rate changes for natural gas use go into effect 12/23/2021. The typical residential bill for Missouri customers is increasing by around 2.8%, or about $1.72 per month.  Your actual bill varies based on how much energy you use, which is primarily determined by the weather and outdoor temperatures.  

You can find your natural gas billing rate here.

Learn more about the 2021 rate review >

How can I manage my usage and bills?

Below, you can explore resources for energy assistance and ways to save energy and money on your monthly natural gas bill.

Energy assistance

We understand that any increase to bills can be concerning, particularly those with limited or fixed incomes. Thankfully, this year, there’s more assistance available to help more customers, with several assistance funding sources offering double the assistance for qualifying individuals. And Spire’s team of community support specialists is here to help customers access funding from multiple sources. They can also assist with payment arrangements and budget billing to help reduce the impact of the higher gas costs. Get started >

If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to speak to a Spire team member. We’re here to help.

Ways to control your energy usage

You can also check out these tips for saving energy and money during colder weather.

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